​Paderborn Paranormal Group

Meet The Paderborn Ghost Hunters
  1. Jani Tucker
    Paranormal Investigator, Case Manager Translator, PR
  2. Adam Harding
    Lead Investigator Video Tech
  3. Rob Joseph
    Paranormal Investigator, Audio and Web Tech


Paderborn Paranormal Goup, also known as the PPG, is a group of ghost hunters from the Cathedral city of Paderborn in Nordrhein Westfalen.

The team formed in 2011, where it laid the first foundations for what has become a successful, and often in demand, service.
This international group consisted of Adam, (Wales), Andy (England) and Denise (USA), and shortly after, Jani (Germany) joined the ranks.
Unfortunatly, PPG wasn't the only concern for Andy and Denise. Life in Germany was taking its toll, and eventually the couple decided to throw
in the towel, and move back to the USA.

This left a vacancy which was soon filled by Joe (England), and started a new chapter in the PPG story.
Joe joining completed the line up that is, some years on, still current, and still very much active.

Adam took over the reigns as Lead Investigator while Jani stepped into the shoes of PR, translation and the all important Case Manager. Joe fell quite
happily into the realms of Audio and Web Tech.

PPG has grown from investigating suspected paranormal locations as a weekend hobby, to taking on private cases in private houses for both the British and German communities,
as well as organising Ghost Hunting evenings for charitable causes, and appearances on both TV and in newspapers.